About Our Upholstery Materials

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QF And Heartland Standard And Premium Fabrics

Fabrics offered in this group may be made using an assortment of materials including a mix of polyester and acrylic, polyester/acrylic/rayon mix, polyester/rayon mix, polyester/polypropelene mix, polyester/polypropelene/cotton mix, viscose/polyester mix as well as 100% polyester or 100% olefin.

Clean up depends on the actual materials used and ranges from solvent-based cleaners for made-made fabrics to water-based cleaners for man-made/natural blends.

Both QF and Heartland Premium Fabrics are a bit heavier but are also made from a mix of materials as mentioned above

Abrasion ratings range from 9,000-12,000 double rubs for some mixed materials to 15,000-50,000 for 100% polyester and other mixed materials.

If you would like specific information on the abrasion rating, material content and cleaning instructions for the material you are considering, simply contact us. We will be happy to get it for you.

QF Faux Leather

Many of the options in this group are made primarily of polyester and offer abrasion ratings of 15,000 double rubs and higher.

Clean up with water-based cleaners is generally recommended.

Contact us for more specific information with the exact fabric number you are considering. 

QF Leather

All QF Leather comes from cowhide and is classified as "full grain leather".  This is the most expensive and highest quality leather available and is very durable as it comes from the outer layer of the animal's hide.   It is called "full grain" because it has the full, complete grain of the top hide intact.  Full grain leather is highly resistant to tearing and will form a patina as it ages and absorbs oils.

Other grains of leather are made from lower portions of "split" hides and may be referred to as "corrected leather", "genuine leather" or "bonded leathers".  These grades of leather or more highly processed and can include embossed patterning to replicate the look of the pattern in the animal's hide.

The pigmentation process makes the leather much more resistant to water and stains. Water will bead up on the surface and roll off.  This is because the pores in the leather have effectively been sealed off during the pigmentation process.

Heartland Faux Leather

Many of the options in this group are made primarily of polyester and offer abrasion ratings of 15,000 double rubs and higher.

Clean up with water-based cleaners is generally recommended.

Contact us for more specific information with the exact fabric number you are considering. View Heartland Faux Leather color options here.

Heartland Micro Fiber Suede

Made from 100% polyester, micro fiber suede is a man-made fabric comprised of millions of microfibers.  It can be easily cleaned with a water solvent cleaning product and is highly durable, with a high abrasion rating withstanding up to 50,000 double rubs. Micro fiber suede has the same feel as genuine suede leather, but none of the drawbacks.  It is far superior in terms of wear and stain resistance and comes in a large variety of colors. View Heartland Micro Fiber Suede options here.

Heartland Crypton® Home Fabrics

Often referred to as the "Ultimate Upholstery Fabric", options in this group consistently offer abrasion ratings of 30,000-50,000 double rubs and clean up with water-based cleaners is recommended. View Heartland Crypton Home Fabric options here.

Made with 100% polyester or a mix of man-made materials with cotton, Crypton® Home fabrics have been formulated to repel liquids, resist stains, odors, mold and mildew, easily clean up and are very soft.  They are highly durable and even made using an antibacterial technology. To learn more about Crypton® Home Fabrics, watch the Crypton® Home Fabric video here.

Heartland Revolution Performance Fabrics

Made from 100% Olefin (polypropylene) these fabrics are durable, cleanable, and soft to the touch.  Because of the nature of the Olefin yarns, they are virtually unstainable and also resist fading from the sun.  They are 100% made in the U.S.A. without the use of any PFC chemicals; making them easy on the environment.

Use almost any household cleaner to clean these fabrics, even pure bleach will not harm the fabric.  Most stains can be blotted and cleaned up with water.  A mixture of water with bleach is actually recommended on food spills to prevent the growth of bacteria.  As always, it's important to thoroughly rinse after using any cleaning product. View Heartland Revolution Performance Fabrics here.

Heartland Ultraleather®

Ultraleather® brand of faux leather upholstery material is made with a 100% polyurethane surface and a 100% reinforced rayon backing. This material has been designed with ultimate softness and durability in mind. It makes an excellent choice if you're looking for a leather alternative with optimal wear resistance and longevity as it performs extremely well in high traffic environments (kids, pets and entertaining).

Ultraleather® is a performance fabric that is highlighted by a natural grain appearance and an extensive color offering, providing limitless design options.  What's more, it is GREENGUARD Certifide meaning it has met some of the world's most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. View Heartland Ultraleather color options here.

Heartland Leathers

Heartland Leathers use good quality leathers that have been held in great esteem for their consistent coloration and ultra hard wearing finish. For those seeking a lower priced  (but still genuine) alternative to the more exclusively priced premium full grain leathers, these corrected leathers are an attractive option.

 The leather used on our furniture should never be confused with "bonded leather". This type of leather is the lowest quality available and is made by mixing leather scraps and fibers with bonding materials and adhesives, then forming it into a roll. View Heartland Leather color options here.